MAES Therapy is an assessment and treatment framework developed by Jean-Pierre Maes, who has more than 25 years’ experience in treating children with cerebral palsy as well as training up therapists.

MAES is an approach aimed at early intervention and the specialised treatment of babies and children with neuro-developmental conditions and movement disorders.

The framework of MAES allows for the in-depth analysis of movements and coordination. It observes how the child is moving and why. It analyses the child’s limitations and how they are compensating. Therefore, the MAES therapy approach promotes missing skills while discouraging overused compensatory strategies.

MAES then provides education strategies both for the parent and child. The MAES approach educates and teaches the child alternative ways of moving and increasing the variety of movements available to the chid. In conjunction, it provides the parents a guideline on how to handle, play and interact with their child at home.

MAES is provided by Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists who have undertaken the intensive training process involving both theoretical and practical components.

Children who have been born prematurely, have been diagnosed with cerebral palsy or who have similar neurological conditions will all benefit from MAES Therapy.

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